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What is So Different About…?

Recently, I was on Facebook and saw where someone had taken a picture of a fat girl and was teasing another girl that the fat girl was here. The ridicule did not stop with just the picture but the caption … Continue reading

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Civil Rights

Civil Rights In the 1960s when I was a teen, people decided that if it felt good then do it. Everyone should accept who they are, what they are, and live their lives for themselves. Wow! What a philosophy! Live … Continue reading

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Something I have been contemplating for quite awhile is change. The question I ask is, “Can we change other people, or must the change take place within ourselves?” A woman meets a man and thinks he is wonderful except for… … Continue reading

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A call of appology

A niece attempted suicide a couple of weeks ago after spending a couple of hours talking with me and assuring me she was ok. When I read on FB her last wish/will, I was devastated. Today, she called and appologized. … Continue reading

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