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Tears Are The Rainbows of the Soul

When we think of tears, we think of tears of sadness, tears of joy, or tears of pain. What we do not realize is tears are instruments of healing, especially when tears are the product of sorrow. Our spirit seeks … Continue reading

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How Do You Measure Success?

The definition of success according to is the favorable or prosperous attainment of one’s goal or the attainment of wealth, position, honors, or the like (Success, n.d.). The question is not how a dictionary defines success, but it is … Continue reading


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Why is Waiting So Hard?

I sat in the hospital waiting room trying to focus on the book I carried with me to keep me entertained while my husband underwent his second cataract removal surgery. I found myself reading the same passage over and over … Continue reading

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We each carry a storm within ourselves. Sometimes the storm is quiet and hidden. Sometimes the storm is a small little blow, but sometimes the storm is as strong as a level five hurricane. Some people try to contain the … Continue reading

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