Are You With Me?

I opened a newsfeed and what did I see,
Someone saying how evil Trump can be.
I opened another and there to my surprise,
A post telling me that Hillary is full of lies.
Next thing I knew my friends were a fussing
And their words were filled with F-bombs and cussing.
One said that Trump would be worse than before,
The other said Hillary was nothing but a whore.
They fought and they argued in words so cruel.
I thought to myself they needed to go back to school.
One claimed the other a Christian they were not
The other one said, “You’re just a spoiled little snot!”
Each one was fighting to win my vote,
But their hate and anger really got my goat.
Neither said why their candidate was best.
They just spouted disgust like all the rest.
Which one should be President, I haven’t a clue.
Because all I know is both are worse than the flu.
Neither says what they’ll do for voters like me
They just spout their hate like a mad African Bee.
This election is the worst that I’ve ever seen.
If it’s not over soon, I might just scream.


About Elaine Rhoades

I am a 69 year old grandmother, mother, wife who earned a BS in Psychology with a 3.97 GPA at the ripe old age of 62. I graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of Phoenix July 2012. I have begun my own business of editing for authors and writing a novel, which is currently in editing stage. If you are interested in obtaining editing services please contact me at List of editing projects: A Forever Family Series - children's books - Author Sal Edwards. UoP essays and class papers for my class teams. 40 + years as Administrative Assistant in which I edited textbooks, sales flyers, newsletters, catalogues, letters, and other office projects. Writing Projects: Novel: "I'll Cry No Tears". Short Stories: Various - not ready for publishing Poetry: One published poem 1963 Various stories for friends and family Office Newsletters: Editor of "Southside OBGYN Office News"
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