Humans Are Like Eggs

Consider the egg when judging a person. People and eggs are very much alike. First eggs are covered in a shell just like people are covered in skin. The color of the egg shell varies from white as snow to spotted, shades of brown, green, blue, and many, many different colors and shades. People vary in color and in shade and are still people just like the egg, regardless of its color, it is still an egg. So, no matter the color, an egg is an egg and a person is a person.

Second, considering the shell and its cleanliness. Regardless of the type of egg, where the egg is, or from where the egg comes, some eggs are dirty, some are covered in poop, and some are pristine. People are no different. Regardless of a person’s circumstances in life, a person may be dirty, covered in undesirable filth, or be pristine. Unlike the egg that has no control over its own cleanliness, the person determines his/her cleanliness. But, either way, clean or dirty, an egg is an egg and a person is a person.

Third, still considering the shell, the strength of the shell varies. Some eggs’ shells are soft and easily broken, others are hard and almost impossible to break, yet others vary in softness and hardness. People are the same way. Some people have hard exteriors making it almost impossible to get to know them, while other people walk around with their emotional state on display for all to see and are easily broken. Other people are some where between the two with both hard and soft emotional exteriors and, depending on circumstances, can be easy or hard to connect with emotionally. Yet, the egg is still an egg and a person is still a person.

Fourth, genealogy is the same for the egg and for people. An eagle will not lay a robin egg, a robin will not lay a duck egg, and an ostrich will not lay an emu egg, but they all lay eggs. However, some birds will lay their eggs in other birds’ nest and abandoned the egg for the other bird to raise the hatchling. Thus, the egg laid will always be the egg of what ever bird laid it. People are the same, a person will be the same race as the person who sired and gave birth to them. If an Irish family has a child, that child will be Irish for example. The child cannot be any other race. However, an Irish family can raise a German child but the German child will genealogy wise always be German. We are what our DNA determines us to be and we cannot change our DNA. Thus, an egg of an eagle is an eagle, and an Irish is always an Irish. But, we can each learn the way of the other races by intermixing and learning their traditions.

Fifth, the inside of the egg remains the same regardless of the exterior, color, or genealogy. The largest egg is the same inside as the smallest egg. Each contain a yolk and a white. No matter the type of egg, it will always have a yolk and a white. A person under the skin is the same. We each have the exact same internal organs as each other person. We are the same exact color under the skin as any other person. When you peel off our skin, we are the same. One person may be large than any other person, but the make up of the internal components are same. Thus, an egg is still an egg, and a person is still a person, and on the inside, they are all the same.

Now, if we consider the five reasons eggs and humans are alike, why do we harbor such hatred for people who are different from us? We are the same with mutual differences regardless of exterior, cleanliness, strength, genealogy, and interior makeup. On the inside an eagle begins just like a hummingbird, from an egg. Each human begins the same, from an egg. So, why do we make such a difference about how we are different from each other. We are the same, divided only by genealogy, color, strength, cleanliness, but still the same when we look inside where it really matters. Is it really that big of a deal to be Irish, Black, Mexican, German, English, etc? Isn’t the most important fact is we are all human and no matter what our differences, we will always be human?

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About Elaine Rhoades

I am a 69 year old grandmother, mother, wife who earned a BS in Psychology with a 3.97 GPA at the ripe old age of 62. I graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of Phoenix July 2012. I have begun my own business of editing for authors and writing a novel, which is currently in editing stage. If you are interested in obtaining editing services please contact me at List of editing projects: A Forever Family Series - children's books - Author Sal Edwards. UoP essays and class papers for my class teams. 40 + years as Administrative Assistant in which I edited textbooks, sales flyers, newsletters, catalogues, letters, and other office projects. Writing Projects: Novel: "I'll Cry No Tears". Short Stories: Various - not ready for publishing Poetry: One published poem 1963 Various stories for friends and family Office Newsletters: Editor of "Southside OBGYN Office News"
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