Though I was not born when Pearl Harbor was attacked, I remember Uncles and acquantices that were a part of the resulting war. The United States believed no one would attack such a large country who was not involved in other country’s politics. The Japanese proved that theory to be wrong. A naive country led to the death of many young men and women at Pearl Harbor.

A naive country led to the death of many young men and women in the Twin Towers in New York, at the Pentagon, and in Pennsylvania. When will this country wake up and realize no matter how much money, help, and social intervention we throw at other countries, other people, the United States is a target of people who want to push their own agendas; people who want to control and run the world with their own best interest at heart.

Yet, here we are throwing trillions of dollars at countries who hate us while we have citizens who struggle everyday to find work, buy food, heat their homes, clothe their children, and pay for medical costs. We send our jobs overseas to help the other countries at the expense of our own country. We provide for the underprivileged in other countries without blinking an eye and it takes an act of congress to help our own underprivileged. I say something is wrong with this picture. Charity, though good, should begin at home. We should first take care of our own and once our own are well fed, well housed, well educated, have jobs, and well cared for medically, we should forget about sending trillions of dollars to countries that hate us, dispise us, and want only to tear us down.

Pearl Harbor was said to have occurred because the U.S. government was an isolationist government. If that is the case, then why, after giving so much to other countries did 9-1-1 occur? The very people we helped win freedom from Russia used our own weapons, our training, our aid to destroy 3,000 plus innocent people. Isolationism may not be the full answer to our country’s woes, but pulling back, regrouping, and bringing help back to our own citizens sure won’t hurt. It is time for the U.S. to take care of our own. It is time to think of our people who are struggling daily just to meet the daily requirements of life. Yes, there are citizens that have no problem meeting their daily needs, but more and more, there are citizens who don’t know where their next meal is coming from. They have lost their homes, cars, and dignity because we, the country, are more concerned with the needs of other countries than the needs of our own starving, sick, and homeless! Wake-up America! The citizens of this country need help, too.


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