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Humans Are Like Eggs

Consider the egg when judging a person. People and eggs are very much alike. First eggs are covered in a shell just like people are covered in skin. The color of the egg shell varies from white as snow to … Continue reading

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Are You With Me?

I opened a newsfeed and what did I see, Someone saying how evil Trump can be. I opened another and there to my surprise, A post telling me that Hillary is full of lies. Next thing I knew my friends … Continue reading

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We each carry a storm within ourselves. Sometimes the storm is quiet and hidden. Sometimes the storm is a small little blow, but sometimes the storm is as strong as a level five hurricane. Some people try to contain the … Continue reading

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What is Prejudice/Discrimination?

The year 2013 saw many celebrities losing their jobs, losing endorsements, receiving sanctions, and experiencing public ridicule because they voiced their opinion or admitted to saying something in previous years that people currently consider inappropriate. In an attempt to be … Continue reading


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Toothache Is Like a Grudge

Toothache Is Like a Grudge             I went to bed last night with a toothache. The toothache was not so bad that I could not sleep, but it was bad enough to affect my dreams. When I woke this morning, … Continue reading

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What is So Different About…?

Recently, I was on Facebook and saw where someone had taken a picture of a fat girl and was teasing another girl that the fat girl was here. The ridicule did not stop with just the picture but the caption … Continue reading

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