My Two Cents:

I am not racist. I am not for the far right nor the far left. But, I believe we are going down a slippery slope when we start removing symbols that “offend” some and are honored by others.
In the not to distant past, the Atheist wanted all religious symbols especially crosses removed from State and Federal land as well as all mention of Christmas stricken from any business, government, or school facility. Why? Because it “offended” them. People bowed to their wishes virtually ignoring the rights of the people who wanted the symbols to stay and considered those symbols apart of their daily lives. Now, we have a group of people (far left) yelling for all symbols of the Confederacy to be pulled down – this would not only be statues, but any monument such as Stone Mountain and the Antebellum Mansion in Georgia. These people are trampling on the rights of those who honor these symbols either out of allegiance to their heritage or to a warped sense of ownership. Why do they want these symbols torn down? They want them torn down to secure their own rights to live without what they consider hateful images representative of slavery and the division of our country. This want is in disregard for the rights of those who want the symbols to stay.
If our government bows to this far leftist ideology, what will be next? Will we tear down the Alamo because it offends Mexican Americans? Will we change the name of New Orleans because it offends those of French heritage? Will we destroy vessels and statues of WWI and WWII because it offends Germans, Italians, and Japanese? Will we destroy the landing of the Mayflower because it offends the Native American Indian? Will we destroy all houses of worship? Will we ban people practicing their own beliefs? Will we censor all books, speeches, public forums, and media because it does not agree with the current “politically correct” beliefs? Is this not what Hitler did in Germany that ended up killing so many Jews and dividing a world? The far left says they only want equality, but in seeking “equality” they are condemning anyone who does not hold their same beliefs, thoughts, wants, and practices. The far left condemns the Neo Nazis but are basically doing the exact thing they are condemning the Neo Nazis for doing – seeking to control out of superiority over anyone who does not hold their same beliefs.
So, where do we draw the line? Where do we stop the madness and quit trampling on each other’s rights out of a skewed sense of our own rights? Where do we stop and say let us all live together in a cohesive world allowing each other to hold personal beliefs without condemnation? Isn’t that what the United States was founded upon – the ability to hold personal beliefs without condemnation, persecution, or prosecution? This madness must stop before we become so divided that we cannot stand against the true enemy who is rejoicing in watching this great country falter, stumble, and eventually fall.

About Elaine Rhoades

I am a 69 year old grandmother, mother, wife who earned a BS in Psychology with a 3.97 GPA at the ripe old age of 62. I graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of Phoenix July 2012. I have begun my own business of editing for authors and writing a novel, which is currently in editing stage. If you are interested in obtaining editing services please contact me at List of editing projects: A Forever Family Series - children's books - Author Sal Edwards. UoP essays and class papers for my class teams. 40 + years as Administrative Assistant in which I edited textbooks, sales flyers, newsletters, catalogues, letters, and other office projects. Writing Projects: Novel: "I'll Cry No Tears". Short Stories: Various - not ready for publishing Poetry: One published poem 1963 Various stories for friends and family Office Newsletters: Editor of "Southside OBGYN Office News"
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